Month: July 2015


Renewal is a work of “social fiction”—exploring the possibilities that a change in social policies might bring to our society. “We aren’t really good at this, are we? At relationships, I mean. When it comes to impressing someone, we’re sprinters, not long-distance runners.” In the near future, California has abandoned the institution of marriage and Read More …

Colors of the prairie

Having spent my formative years in Brookings, SD, I couldn’t help but become familiar with the art of Harvey Dunn, who painted the prairie near where I lived. One of the photos here on my site–a view of an overcast day taken just east of Miller, SD–reminds me of the types of colors featured in Read More …

Song snippets

This past weekend, I grabbed a 20-40 second “snippet” from each of my latest songs. I’ve put the first 3 of them on my Musician page. Please check them out and let me know what you think.