Relationship Blues

Words and Music Copyright © 2013 by Gregory D. Klinkel, All Rights Reserved

I've got the pre-relationship blues
You know the pre-relationship blues
I'm tired of speed dating, I need some relating
I hope someone shows up soon! Shows up soon...

What's that I see? She's looking at me... maybe it's fate
We're out on a date, we seem to relate
I hope we stay up late

I've got the in-relationship blues
You know the in-relationship blues
I'm feeling smothered... like she is my mother
Oh, why must I be her soul mate? Soul mate...

My friends have moved on, they say this is wrong... Why tempt fate?
Is it too late? She's saving the date
I think it's time to make the break

I've got the post-relationship blues
You know the post-relationship blues
Her friends are all mad, and I'm feeling so bad
It was my fault all along! All along...

I now have an "ex" instead of sex... This seems so wrong!
Maybe it's worthwhile to update my profile
And see who comes along

You know the pre-relationship blues
Lead to in-relationship blues
You can't escape the post-relationship blues
Relationship blues... blues... blues

Words & Music Copyright © 2013 by Gregory D. Klinkel. All Rights Reserved.